Financial Planning Services

Occasionally, we work with clients that only need help with developing their financial plan and don’t need or desire an ongoing relationship.   For those clients, we offer a more limited one-time financial plan with no investment management or ongoing assistance.

When you engage us for only financial planning services we will begin with a Discovery Meeting to determine your goals and get clarification on your current financial situation.  We will also use this meeting to better understand your current concerns and areas that we should prioritize in the plan.

The development of your financial plan will typically take two to three weeks, depending on the complexity of your finances and the goals you have.  Once the plan has been created we will schedule a Plan Presentation Meeting.  At this meeting, we will review your current financial situation and provide our recommendations for you to consider in implementing your financial plan.  Your financial plan will include a target asset allocation recommendation detailing the recommended weightings to each asset class, but no specific investment recommendations.  A detailed list of action items will be included in the plan to aid you in the implementation of the financial plan.

Following the Plan Presentation Meeting we will provide 60 days of phone and e-mail support to clarify any of our recommendations and aid you in beginning to implement your financial plan.  After the 60 days elapsed, our agreement with you will end, at which time it’s up to you to assume responsibility for the implementation and bring your goals to fruition.  Should you then decide you’d like a greater level of ongoing support or advice, we welcome the opportunity to build a deeper, ongoing relationship with you through our more extensive Wealth Management services.