Wealth Management

Our wealth management services are the core focus of the firm.  Wealth management encompasses both financial planning and investment management for our clients on an ongoing basis.  Clients engaging us for this service will benefit from having ongoing partner to oversee their financial plan, and assistance with implementing and monitoring the plan.

When you engage us for wealth management services we will begin by helping you to develop a financial plan based on your financial goals and what you hope will lead you to a fulfilling life.  Once your plan is created, we will partner with you and your other advisors (e.g., insurance agents, attorneys, tax preparers), to implement the plan and make sure that all parties are working together for you.  This is important because many times advisors are only looking at their part of the plan and not aware of what is being done in other areas that could impact what they are doing.

Included with this service is professional portfolio management.  We will work with you to determine the assets that we will be responsible for managing.  After those assets have been agreed upon, we will develop an Investment Policy Statement for your portfolio that defines the objective of the portfolio and your tolerance of risk.  With the Investment Policy Statement to guide us, we will then establish the necessary accounts and being implementing our recommendations for your portfolio.

On an ongoing basis we will work with you to monitor your financial plan and investment portfolio.  Over time, and as your life unfolds, changes will possibly occur to your plan’s goals and the objectives of your portfolio.  As these occur, your financial plan and investment portfolio will need to be adjusted.  We do this by meeting regularly with you to review your investment portfolio, identify changes that have occurred, discuss life events on the horizon and planning opportunities that may be beneficial to you.  In addition to these regular meetings, by engaging us for our wealth management services, you have access to us at any time for questions or concerns as they come up.