Our Process

Riverchase Wealth Management, LLC utilizes proven processes to guide our Wealth Management clients through their financial journey.  Below you will find the details on the foundation of our processes used for Wealth Management clients.  For clients who engage us only for financial planning services, the process will vary due to the limited scope of those services and the lack of any ongoing support through the implementation and monitoring phase.

Initial Consultation

This meeting, usually an hour in length, is held in our offices. The purpose of the meeting is for us to get acquainted and determine if a relationship would be in both of our interests. During this meeting we aim to learn more about you, your concerns and what services you are interested in. We will also share with you who we are, the services we may be able to provide and an estimate of the fees we would charge. This meeting is complimentary with no obligation on your part to engage us following the meeting.

When you decide to engage our services, we will ask you to complete our engagement agreement and provide you with a list of additional information that we will need to get started. At this time you will be asked to pay a deposit based on the estimated total fee. Once we have your signed engagement contract and deposit, we will schedule your Discovery and Data Gathering meeting.

Discovery and Data Gathering

At this meeting we will gather all of the pertinent information needed to assess your current situation. We will then discuss what you are looking to achieve in your life, so that together, we can establish your goals. When establishing your goals we will evaluate many factors, including your time horizon and your comfort with risk.


Once the Discovery and Data Gathering is complete, we will analyze your information to assess your current situation, determine what options you may have and what must be done in order to have the best chance of meeting your goals. We will then begin designing your financial plan and creating the final reports for your review at the Financial Plan Presentation.

Financial Plan Presentation

At this meeting we will review and present your financial plan. We will discuss our reports with you and provide a written summary our observations and recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have, and if appropriate, revisions may be made. At the conclusion of this meeting the balance of your financial planning fees are due. For clients engaging us only for financial planning services, our engagement will end after this meeting, with the client responsible for the implementation of the plan on their own.


Implementation is key to what makes the Financial Planning Process work. During your Financial Plan Presentation we will discuss an appropriate plan for the implementation and monitoring of your plan. With the plan now developed and agreed upon, we will determine the assets in your portfolio that we will be responsible for managing and begin developing a proposal and Investment Policy Statement detailing how the assets will be managed. These will then be presented to you, and once agreed upon, we will begin the process of setting up the necessary accounts and facilitating the implementation of the Investment Policy Statement. 

We will work with you in implementing the action items included in your plan, identifying areas where we can provide assistance. In areas that you are responsible for we will provide direction and guidance to you throughout.


To monitor the implementation of the plan, and to make sure it stays current with your needs/goals, we will meet regularly. Typically, we meet with our clients twice a year for this purpose, however, as the need arises we may meet more regularly. This will enable us to adapt and modify the plan in a timely manner and make sure that it continues to reflect your goals and financial situation.